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                          ALIEN BREED SOLUTION
                            BY DOCTOR BUTCHER



The easiest of the lot.Head straight for the deck lift, unless you would rather pick up some bonuses first, ( dont bother to pick up an ammo clip on this first level as you`re only wasting a key that could be used else where ).


As you exit the deck lift turn right. After shooting the little Aliens pick up bonus key and then retrace your steps to deck lift. Open door, forward, turn right ( be careful not to shoot out the door ), kill all aliens coming towards you obviously, by fire door pick up ammo clip.head forward then turn right to pick up green credit chip. Turn back and open up middle of three doors that face you. Collect two door keys and first aid kit, then enter room on left. Kill alien and collect two door keys. then go through last of the three doors. Kill Alien (s), then open double doors above you. Turn left, shoot all little Aliens on the corner, then follow corridor up and open room with the first aid kit. Collect both bonuses and head back the way you came, opening the door on left of the screen, collect credit chip and ammo clip. Go back to double doors then retrace your steps to the middle of the three rooms ( remember ). Open the door on the left of the room and keep heading left until you see a door above you with NO ENTRY above it. Open this door and turn right, then left, then right, then left shooting all Aliens. Then proceed left, down, left, up, left, then open door, kill Alien, then collect all bonuses. Now retrace your steps back to the NO ENTRY sign ( killing all Aliens en route ). Turn right, down, kill Aliens, collect two keys, and proceed down till you can go no further. Follow arrows and open door. Head down, right, down, left, up, left, up, open door. Kill Aliens and collect bonuses. Down, right, down, right, head right all acroos bottom of screen, and collect three bonuses you see. Head back left until you see an opening above you. Enter opening and exit room at top right, (shoot out the fire door as you go through to stop any Aliens following you ). Head right, down, right, down, right up through door, and right again. Up, left, ( now you should hear a wailing noise in the back - ground ), now head down and enter room with with bonus. Exit room and head up end of corridor. Turn left,up, right, enter room with orange bonus, then enter INTEX COMPUTER SYSTEM. Select INTEX WEAPON SUPPLIES, and choose INTEX PLASMA SHOTGUN. Leave INTEX COMPUTER and exit room. Head left, down, right, down, ( now press left ALT key to seledct your new weapon ). Shoot out things surrounding reactor, then once all have been taken out approach reactor and touch it. Now you have set off the alarm bells its time for you to shift your ass out of there. Take corridor at top right of screen and follow it to its end. Follow arrows through door and head forward. Collect bonus you see at top of screen. Head down and enter room where you see a desk and chair. The desk an INTEX COMPUTER so enter it and select INTEX TOOL SUPPLIES. When this is done purchase six keys and leave the computer. Head left through the two doors and pick up all those lovely bonuses. Now its time to really move, so head right passed the desk, then down, then left, through the four doors facing you. You are now in ZONE 3. Head down, then follow arrows to the left, then at the end of the corridor head down, left, down, passed the NO ENTRY SIGN, down, through fire door, left, down, left, through other fire door, down and into the deck lift.



Out of deck lift. Head down & collect key. Turn left and pick up the bonuses. Go back to where you picked up the first key and walk down ramp. Head right, down,and take left path. Turn left, then right where you see DUCT 1. Kill Aliens and collect bonus. Go through the door where you see the two bonuses, collect them, then head down, right, up and collect the key. Now, carefully walk around the wall and kill the Alien. You are now in ZONE 4, ( if you`re not you`ve screwed up rather seriously so pull your finger out of your ass and pay attention ). Head up and cross over sliding square, then walk diagonally to the left. Kill the vicious Aliens coming out of the floor and go through door on the right. Only go through next door if you need an extra life. Head up, right, up, through the door for the extra two bonuses, then collect the key. Head down, go through the door, for extra bonus, down again, left, and down once again for two keys. Head through the two doors, right, up. You are now in ZONE 2. Head up, diagonally right, through door, collect the key, up, collect first aid and the two bonuses. Across DUCT 2 bridge, up, through door for bonuses, down for three keys, and back through door on right. Kill the Aliens, right, up, right, through opening on right where you see bonus, ( collect it ). Now head through door below for other bonuses. Go back into passageway and head down. Collect key on right, down, and right again to collect other bonuses. Head through the doors and back out to the bridge. Jump off gangway and proceed right. You should now be in ZONE 6. Head down, left, pick up first aid, down, right, down, left and down. Go through entrance on right and kill the huge Alien. This is best achieved by ducking and diving ( if you know what i mean ), make sure you are still using the shot gun. Once you`ve killed it head up and collect all the bonuses then mend the reactor by touching it. Go back to the main door and jump off the gangway. Head left, up ramp, cross over the sliding squares for the bonuses, then head left. Keep left all the way across untill you come to DUCT 3. Head up through door and left again. Pick up first aid kit, then head up, enter first door on left, and collect bonuses in room beneath you. Go through door on left, pick up bonus, enter room beneath you and collect all bonuses there. Go back to passageway and keep going up all the way until you come to the deck lift.

                               ON TO LEVEL 4


Leave deck lift and keep heading down to bottom. Enter INTEX COMPUTER and purchase keys to make sure you have enough. Head far left and follow arrows through opening. Head downwards and shoot switch to enable you to pass through. Head down again, then left, then up, through door to collect smiley and other bonuses, ( theres another room above this one with more bonuses ). Retrace your steps back past the switch until a load of doors in a row face you. Open all doors, and head past the INTEX COMPUTER until you come to a wall. Open door on left and head up. Turn left, and then down. collect all bonuses in room and then go back up. Turn right, then up, through fire door, up,left through door and collect bonuses in room. Leave room, down, right, then change your gun back to one you started with. Head up and right killing all Aliens until you come to the end of the corridor. Keep heading down towards the security vaults, turn right, then continue heading down. Turn right yet again, down yet again, and into Aliens lair. The same as before, its all ducking and diving. Once you have killed him exit right. Head up, right, up, left, and enter INTEX COMPUTER and purchase whatever supplies you require. Once you have done this, head right, and up through the three doors. turn left and then right. This surprised you did`nt it ? walk through only when first hydrolic starts to open. Once through touch the orange ball and then make your escape. To do this simply head left, up, left, through opening with arrows, up, left, down, left, up, left, down, left, up, and into deck lift.

                         NOW FOR LEVEL FIVE.....


Exit deck lift to left, and enter door on right. Collect bonuses and go through double doors. Head downwards and you should be in SECTOR THREE. Stop in middle of wobbly things and head left. Collect both keys from room then head downwards. Go through door by round thing and head down into SECTOR FOUR. Cross the bottom of the acid pit and along the bottom of the screen.Keep going right and collect the bonus key you come across. Passed the bottom of the acid pit and open door. Pass the fire door and head up through next door.Take right turn and collect both bonuses. Follow arrows and collect first aid kit. Cross top of acid pit to collect the other bonus. Head right, then up through two doors and collect the key. Head up through the next two doors, head up to round plate where monsters emerge from. Follow arrows through the opening at the top of the screen, then turn right, up, left, and down to collect first aid kit. Head left, up, left all the way, keep left through door, left again, down diagonally to left again, and in to the Aliens lair. Kill the sucker the same as before. Once he is dead, head up and press button. Now head down, left, down, you should now be in SECTOR FOUR. Follow arrows through opening, keep going right and into the deck lift.


Leave deck lift and collect ammo nibble. Head right avoiding those things shooting out of the wall. Head up, and go through door on right. Head up, right, down, right, and down, right. Keep heading down, then take passage on right heading downwards. Turn right, down, right, through door, past the bubble and into Aliens lair. Kill the sucker same as before then when warning siren sounds just simply exit through door on right straight into deck lift.



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