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From: (Michael Studte) Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Subject: SUBBED/DUBBED LIST (December 1992) Message-ID: ←> Date: Sat, 05 Dec 92 15:55:55 GMT Organization: JAFWA, Cal-Animage Zeta, Perth, Western Australia Lines: 353

NOTE: I have changed the date format of the list to the most logical format (the japanese one, by co-incidence), since Europeans were confused whether "10/06/92" meant "tenth of June" or "sixth of October" (frankly, I myself was getting confused).

So, the format of the date fields is now: YY/MM/DD.

I'm also considering splitting the list into two. It will still be posted as one, I just want to create two sublists (pun), one for subtitles and one for dubs (since I'm getting fed up with Macek's muck intermingling with such fine subtitles as AnimEigo's :)… Any input? The DUB part of the list could then also contain all the other hack'n'slash jobs that some people have asked for…

                      Subtitled/Dubbed Anime List
                               Edited by
                             Michael Studte
                            November 30, 1992

This is a monthly list of subtitled or dubbed anime releases available in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Please send any enquiries, additions, corrections or suggestions to:

                           Michael Studte

Changes since last posting (November 3, 1992): - AnimEigo 1993 releases re-dated (Gaiarth, Otaku no Video) - Supergal corrected - Lupin III & 3x3 - Changed "date" format to Japanese format

People who contributed to this release of the list: - Robert Woodhead, Ryan P. Gavigan

This list contains all known (to the author) anime releases that have been dubbed or subtitled and officially released in one medium or another. The list is an attempt to create an easy cross-reference for available anime, and its sources.

NOTE: This list contains only "quality" releases, ie. ones which have not been altered from their original japanese format in either storyline, soundtrack or animation (ie. cutting out scenes).

Please see the key at the top of the list for any abbreviations.

DISCLAIMER 1: The author, Michael Studte, is not associated with any of the companies or organizations mentioned below. The author, to the best of his knowledge, does not receive any benefit from any of the companies mentioned below.

DISCLAIMER 2: The author does not guarantee for the 100% accuracy of the information contained herein. All data is subject to change due to mistaken sources of information.

DISCLAIMER 3: This list is NOT a commercial message, but simply a guide for the anime fan to locate legal copies of subbed or dubbed anime.

Key of abbreviations:

S/D - Indicates whether title is (S)ubtitled or (D)ubbed MO - Movie/cinema release VC - Video cassette (most likely VHS format) VC-PAL - PAL Video cassette release (VHS) LD - Laserdisk release (CAV/CLV indicated if known) SRP - Suggested Retail Price (if non-US distributor, local currency applies) * - (after date field) indicates tentative schedule * - (any other field) see distributor listing for special information ? - (after date field) indicates unconfirmed release date ? - (after company) indicates possible different distributor nQ - nth Quarter of the year mentioned

US - United States UK - United Kingdom OZ - Australia WD - World-wide English countries JP - Japan

      TITLE             S/D  Format   Available     Distributor    S.R.P.

————————- — ——– ———— ————– ——– 3x3 Eyes D VC-PAL UK: 93/??/?? IWC 14.95 3x3 Eyes 1 D VC US: yes Streamline Akira D VC US: yes Streamline

                         D    LD     US:   yes      Criterion
                         D   MO/VC   OZ:   yes      Ronin Films    A$49.50
                         D   VC-PAL  UK:   yes      IWC             12.99
                         S   VC-PAL  UK:   yes      IWC*            19.99
                         S    VC     UK:   yes      Streamline      29.95

Akira Perfect Collection Akira Production Report D VC US: yes Streamline

                         D   VC-PAL  UK:   yes      IWC*
                         D    VC     OZ:   yes      Ronin Films

Appleseed S VC US: yes USR 34.95 Bayscape 2042 D VC US: yes AnimEigo Black Magic M-66 S VC US: yes USR 34.95 Bubblegum Crash 1-3 S VC US: yes AnimEigo 34.95 Bubblegum Crisis 1-8 S VC US: yes AnimEigo 34.95 Bubblegum Crisis (4 LDs) S LD US: 92/11/xx AnimEigo 64.95


Bubblegum Crisis 1-3 S VC-PAL UK: yes Anime Proj 21.99 Bubblegum Crisis 1-3 S VC-PAL WD: yes Anime Proj 18.72 Bubblegum Crisis 4-8 S VC-PAL UK: monthly Anime Proj BGC: Hurricane Live 2032 S VC US: yes AnimEigo 19.95

                                     WD:   yes      AnimEigo     US$24.95

BGC: Hurricane Live 2033 S VC US: yes AnimEigo 19.95

                                     WD: 92/11/15   AnimEigo     US$24.95

BGC: Hurricane Live SET S VC US: yes AnimEigo 35.00

                                     WD: 92/11/15   AnimEigo     US$55.00

Captain Harlock [My Youth in Arcadia]

                         D    VC     US:   yes      FHE             34.95

Crystal Triangle S VC US: yes USMC Dagger of Kamui [Revenge of the Ninja Warrior]

                         D    VC     US:   yes      FHE

Dangaioh 1-3 S VC US: yes USR 34.95 Dirty Pair: Affair of Nolandia

                         D    VC     US: 92/12/xx   Streamline      24.95

Dog Soldier S VC US: yes USMC Dominion 1,2,3,4 S VC US: yes USMC 34.95 Dominion 1,2,3,4 (2 tapes) D VC-PAL UK: yes IWC 12.99 Dominion 1-4 (boxed set) S VC US: yes USMC 119.95 Dominion 1-4 S LD US: yes Image Ent. 69.95 Famous Detective Holmes [Sherlock Hound]

                         D    VC     US:   yes      Celebrity HV

Fist of the North Star D MO US: yes Streamline

                         D    VC     US:   yes      Streamline
                         D    VC     UK:   yes      IWC             12.99

Genesis Surviver Gaiarth S VC US: 93/01/?? AnimEigo GallForce - Eternal Story S VC US: 92/10/xx? USMC 39.95 GallForce - Eternal Story D VC JP: yes - unknown - Gunbuster 1, 2, 3 S VC US: yes USR 34.95 Guyver D VC US: monthly USR I Give My All S VC US: never Sony Music Lensman C VC US: yes Streamline 29.95 Lensman D LD US: 91/12/15? Criterion Locke the Superpower [Locke the Superman]

                         D    VC     US:   yes      FHE

Lupin III: Cagliostro's Castle

                         S    MO     US:   yes      Streamline
                         D    VC     US:   yes      Streamline

Macross Movie D VC JP: yes Victor Macross II (1-2) D VC US: yes USR Macross II (3-6) D VC US: 92/xx/xx USR MD Geist S VC US: yes USMC Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01 S VC US: yes AnimEigo 39.95 Nadia 1-4 D VC US: yes Streamline 14.95 Nadia 5-13 D VC US: 92/xx/xx Streamline 14.95 Neo-Tokyo (Manie-Manie & S.M)

                         D    MO     US: 92/10/xx   Streamline

Orange Road OAV SETS 1-4 S VC US: yes AnimEigo 39.95 Orange Road Movie - Return To That Day

                         S    VC     US: 92/11/01   AnimEigo        39.95

Orguss D VC US: quarterly USR Odin D VC-PAL UK: 92/10/06? IWC 12.99 Otaku no Video '82 + '85 S VC US: 93/03/?? AnimEigo 39.95 Project A-ko S VC US: yes USMC 39.95

                         S    LD     US:   yes      Image Ent.      39.95
                         D   VC-PAL  UK:   yes      IWC             12.99

Riding Bean S VC US: yes AnimEigo 34.95 Riding Bean S VC WD: 93/01/18 Anime Proj Robot Carnival D VC US: yes Streamline 29.95 Robotech "Perfect Collection"

                         D+S  VC     US: monthly    Streamline      19.95

Rumik World: The Supergal S VC US: yes USMC 34.95 The Humanoid S VC US: yes USMC 34.95 Urusei Yatsura TV series S VC US: monthly AnimEigo 39.95 Urusei Yatsura OAVs S VC US: March 92- AnimEigo 39.95 Urusei Yatsura Movies S VC US: monthly AnimEigo 39.95 Vampire Hunter D D VC US: yes Streamline 29.95 Vampire Princess Miyu 1+2 S VC US: yes AnimEigo 39.95 Vampire Princess Miyu 3+4 S VC US: yes AnimEigo 39.95 Vampire Princess Miyu 1-4 S LD/CLV US: yes AnimEigo 60.00 Venus Wars D VC-PAL UK: 92/10/02? IWC 12.99 Wanna-Be's S VC US: yes USMC Zillion TV (5 odd tapes) D VC US: yes Streamline 14.95 Zillion BURNING NIGHT OAV D VC US: yes Streamline

U.S. Distributors/Subtitling Companies:


      Postal: AnimEigo, Inc.       Shipping Address: AnimEigo, Inc.
              PO Box 989                      4231 C Princess Place Drive
              Wilmington, NC 28402            Wilmington, NC 28405
      Ph:  (919) 251-1850
      FAX: (919) 763-2376
      Email:  [Janice Hindle]
      The Orange Road Sets consist of:
              Set 1        "I was a Cat, I was a Fish" and
                           "Hurricane!  Akane the Shapechanging Girl"
              Set 2        "White Lovers" and "Hawaiian Suspense"
              Set 3        The two Heart on Fire OVA's
              Set 4        "Unexpected Situation" and "Message in Rouge"


      Postal: Celebrity Home Video
              - unknown -


      Postal: - unknown - (check local phone book)


      Postal: Image Entertainment, Inc
              9333 Oso Avenue
              Chatsworth, CA  91311
      Ph: (818) 407-9100


      Postal: New World Video
              - unknown -


      Postal: - unknown -


      Orders: Streamline Pictures       Admin: Streamline Pictures
              P.O. Box 691418                  971 N. La Cienega
              West Hollywood, CA 90069         Suite 209
                                               Los Angeles, CA 90069
      Ph:  (310) 657-8559                      (310) 657-8559
      FAX: (310) 273-6076
      Email:  [Carl "Ze Antichrist" Macek]
      unscheduled titles: Gokuu, Crying Freeman, Dirty Pair,
                      Wicked City (Supernatural Beast City),
                      The Professional: Golgo 13.


      Postal: U.S. Manga Corps
              250 W 57th St
              Suite 831
              New York, NY 10107
      Ph:  (212) 977-7456
      FAX: (212) 977-8709
      Email: (??)
      unscheduled releases: Area 88 (Acts 1-3), Odin, Venus Wars,
                            Rumik World OAVs: Fire Tripper, Laughing
                            Target, Mermaid's Forest;
                            GallForce 2+3+Rhea, Explorer Woman Ray,
                            They Were 11.


      Postal: US Renditions
              1123 Dominguez St.
              Unit K
              Carson, CA 90746
      Ph:  (310) 604-9702
      FAX: (310) 604-1134
      Email: - unknown -
      US Renditions co-operates with Books Nippan, and their tapes are
      available at a discount to members of Books Nippan.
      unscheduled titles: Iczer-1 (dubbed, in two parts).

Non-U.S. Distribution Companies: (Note: Unless otherwise noted, these ——————————– releases are in PAL format.)

Anime Proj - Anime Projects Ltd (UK)

      Postal: Anime Projects Ltd.
              64 Stanley Mead
              Bradley Stoke
              Bristol, BS12 0EG
      Ph: +44-454-619170
      Email: (Nigel Fisher)


      Postal: Island World Communications
              40 St Peters Rd
              W6 9BD
              United Kingdom
  • - The subtitled AKIRA and the AKIRA Production Report

(dubbed) are sold by Island World Communications as a

          collector's edition twin-pack.

RONIN FILMS (Australia)

      Postal: Ronin Films
              P.O. Box 295
              Broadway  NSW  2007
      Ph:  +61-2-281-2455
      Fax: +61-2-281-7989

VICTOR (Japan) [NTSC format]

      Postal: JVC/Victor
               - unknown -
      Ph:  +__-3-3405-5151


Michael Studte Japanese Animation Fans of Western Australia
46 Hackbridge Way
Bayswater 6053 Internet:
AUSTRALIA FidoNet: 3:690/728 (MegaTokyo 2033)


Just a lonely "One two mokkori, one two mokkori.."


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